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Hit Of The Week; Lacuna Coil- Swamped (remastered edition)

De Italiaanse formatie "Lacuna Coil" , gothic metalband opgericht in 1996, de band bestaand uit:

Bron: Impericon Magazine

Zang:Cristina Scabbia, Andrea Ferro GitaarCristiano Migliore, Marco Biazzi BasgitaarMarco Coti Zelati DrumsCristiano Mozzati

Lacuna Coil have released a new version of Swamped XX, lifted from their "deconstructed" and "remade" forthcoming edition of third album Comalies.

The other song that was out earlier, in a new version is "Tight Rope".

Comalies XX is set to arrive on October 14 via Century Media Records, and will additionally feature the previously-released track Tight Rope XX.

Alongside the new single is a Trilathera-directed music video, which sees the Italian gothic metal band give a dramatic performance from inside a white room in-between nightmarish shots of creepy statue-like figures.

Bron: Loudersound.com

Lacuna Coil Live @Alcatraz, Iphone picture

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