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New upcoming Hit Of The Week @ZZROCK, "Laura Cox-One Big Mess" (New Album: "Head Above Water")

Laura Cox was born in France on 24 November 1990. Her mother is French and her father is English. She first picked up the guitar at the age of 14, in 2005, as a left-hander who plays right-handed, using a cheap classical guitar that her aunt gave her. Her first electric guitar was a Squier Showmaster.

She first started posting her cover versions and guitar solos on You Tube in 2008.

Following her success with YouTube, she became the singer and lead guitarist of the Laura Cox Band; a rock band that she formed in 2013 in the Paris region.

Their style of rockmusic, is country/blues/French hardrock.

Her new album "Head Above Water" and the new released single "One Big Mess" , is again "bull's eye", or "Touché" in French.

Cox will drop her next album Head Above Water on January 20, 2023 via earMUSIC.


After the release of her previous album, Cox played at some of the biggest European festivals last year (Hellfest, Pol’and’Rock, Rock Palast), she interviewed the legendary Scorpions for ARTE, and she had the honor to have a documentary about her quick rise in the rock scene, produced by German TV station WDR for the historical show Rockpalast.

So while Zj V was busy for interviews at other festivals, this one could interview these classical rockheroes for ARTE TV! Nice job!!!


“Head Above Water”

“So Long”

“One Big Mess”

“Set Me Free”

“Old Soul”


“Before We Get Burned”



“Swing It Out”

“Glassy Day”

The album contains 11 great rock songs bursting with energy and great personality. Recorded at ICP Studios in Brussels by Erwin Autrique, it was mastered by multiple GRAMMY-winner Ted Jensen (Eagles, Norah Jones, Green Day).

Cox’s internet visibility was followed by a great acclaim by critics and rock fans for her own music, especially for Burning Bright(2019), her second album and the first to be released internationally by earMUSIC in collaboration with French label Verycords.




Laura Cox - One Big Mess listen on Spotify, or pre-order new album now:


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