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Pearl Jam brengt nieuwe video uit, van "Quick Escape" Hit Of The Week!

The new “Quick Escape” is not a song about coronavirus. It’s about environmental fears — a vision of a near-future blasted earth with precious few livable places, where old comforts and luxuries are distant memories. But it applies to what’s happening now, too. On the song, Eddie Vedder imagines roving the globe, looking for a place to live: “Crossed the border to Morocco/ Kashmir then Marrakech/ The lengths we had to go to then, to find a place Trump hadn’t fucked up yet.” Still applies!

Musically, “Quick Escape” is a monster rocker, one where bassist Jeff Ament gets to anchor everything and go in hard. “Quick Escape” never lets up over its five minutes, and it’s the kind of song that would sound really good in an arena, if anyone got a chance to hear it in an arena. Listen below. (Bron: )

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