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'SEVI' Band, brings out new single 'Drowning' and brewed a beer!!! And Hit Of The Week@ZZROCK!

The Band 'Sevi', which we all know from the hit of the week earlier on the 4th of july...with the single 'Hate You'... Does that bring a light back in your memory????... Well, the frontlady and her band dropped another new song, named 'Drowning'! featuring with no one less than Johnny Gioeli...! (Singer and songwriter of the band 'Crush 40' and 'Axel Rudi Pell' and 'Hardline'.)

I've had a slight interview with Svetlana, female singer from Sevi, about the new song 'Drowning'.

How did the 'Drowning' story begin ?

This song was a raw idea on the computer before Johnny Gioeli joined. The music was written by Rally Velinov and I wrote the lyrics and the vocal melodies but still, there was something missing.

When we met Johnny and started to talk about collaboration, we knew that this was the song for his voice....

And how did the collaboration with Johnny actually start?

Well, we met 3 years ago on the stage of the annual rock fest in Stara zagora, Bulgaria.

He was really impressed by us and we exchanged contacts. We started talking about an eventual collaboration almost right away.

I sent him the raw demo of "Drowning" and asked him to sing his parts the way he feels. When he returned the song It just blew my mind. That was it. Everything was finally in place and we decided to make a video.

Unfortunately the world was hit by Covid and we had to wait for 3 years to be able to meet each other and film the video. In the meantime we created the acoustic version of "Song of Hope"(Crush 40 cover) and "Jaded" ( single that became part of my debut solo album ) This year after we had a tour together in Switzerland with Johnny and his band Hardline we had the possibility to finally shoot the video of Drowning. We had lot of fun during the shootings and I want to thank to the whole team for the hard work.

Special thanks to:-

Alexandra Zerner - Guitars & Keys

Marco Barusso:Mix & Mastering

Director: Georgi Spirov Make up: Antonia Doncheva Special FX - Orlin Budinov Lights: Martin Kiriakov Edit & Color Grade: Georgi Spirov

You brewed your own 'Sevi' beer, so how does it actually taste?

Well, recently we became faces of Rocket Science beer and we collaborate for all our projects. So we decided to brew our first original taste for the special pre party and meet and greet of "Drowning". It's an imperial stout with cocoa flavour We brewed limited edition packages for the preparty but since the interest is really high we decided to make more beers and mugs so if anyone wants to order his special box he can still do it from our facebook page by leaving a personal message.


Photos by Georgi Sivilov_ 8th colour

Photo by Stelian Nikolov

Photos by Michail Michalev https://www.facebook.com/fenixstudiostz

SEVI & JohnnyLive in Stara Zagora Beerфестът 2022 (beerfestival 2022)

Not only was SEVI invited, to open and give the public one hell of a show, but they were the openers for several bands in Sofia, as "Epica", "Nightwish", "Evanescence", "Europe", "Black Stone Cherry", and "Tom Keifer".

So, SEVI band cheers to all of you!

As end of this article, SEVI band, they performed and collaborate with several bands on stage in Sofia.

It blows my socks off!!!




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